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Boot Sequence Problem

Windows folder problem

Windows 7 Laptop Running Slow

Laptop won't start up after windows 7 ultimate installation


Massive svchost.exe memory leak w/ nsi windows 7

Upgrade To Windows 7

TrayApp.msi at start up with Vista

New MoBo causing BSOD?

Windows 7 Boot screen

services.exe slowly takes up more and more memory

FRESH Windows 7 Crashes during logo

skype crashing on windows 7

Monitor shuts off on startup

windows gets rapidly stuck for a few seconds

Screen saver and background settings disabled in display properties

Windows 7 will not boot (Blank Screen)

Windows 7 Ultimate

Networking/file-sharing Win 7 - XP Pro

windows 7 ultimate new build

Install Windows 7 to Acer AX5810

Windows 7 Bluetooth module not functioning

Format an active drive

Downgrading to Vista

Show windows previews (thumbnails) in Vista

Printer on XP home network can't connect to Windows 7

downGrade windows unlimited to starter? Help!?

Keyboard and Mouse TURN OFF when trying to install windows 7 on boot up

Connecting PC with windows seven to Sanyo TV with HDMI

Generating Common Image with Symantec Ghost[moved from building]

Windows 7 Upgrade Failed

Cannot install ActiveSync

BSOD Blue Screen Appdata error

Need Installation disc

Slow Win7 PC

Window Restarts at Splash Screen

xp problem switching users LOCKED?

Computer hangs at/after login?

Windows 7 painfully slow after new build and usb3

XP freeze at CTRL+ALT+DEL screen

Windows 7 Help

Reinstalling Hyperterminal

Win 7 recently crashing most of the time

computer slow boot

Windows 7 Random Restart .Kernal Power Error

BSOD on Win 7 64

CD/DVD Driver Needed

Stuck in Windows Installation

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Windows 7 crashes or freezes

windows 7 internet problem

info for windows 7 users

Similiar problem with XP and Win 7

First BSOD in ages - Windows 7

Upgrade Issue - Vista 64 to Windows 7 64

Boot from USB and install from DVD. Device driver not found.

Stuck in viral reboot loop.

XP Media Center_Lopsided HD Partition Config (?)

not sure whats going on getting win16 errors

Blue screen dumping memory

How can I Back Door a no longer existing MS Acc. long in?

Can I use my XP Pro OEM for other PC?

Windows 7 Laptop Start-up/Log-in Problems

Upgrading to Windows 7 - 64bits

dxgkrnl.sys please help

Canot start windows


Windows 7 Crashs/locks up

Boot.ini Location in Win7?

can't download microsoft updates

Can't Install some programs or change things in msconfig (Admin problems?)

Automatic update problem

Windows 7 Programs

Should I install Windows 7 on this PC?

xp media centre cannot remove programes even after formatting

Random Minidumps Win7 ult

Windows 7 Professional Product Key Invalid for Activation

Wifi Toast - Reinstalled intel proset

Moved components into new case and now get a BSOD upon booting

Windows XP Freezing - help?

Windows 7 and sata378

How do I set up bluetooth in W7?

what does this mean? win7 crash

BSOD Can't start up windows 7

ntvdm.exe file

Windows locks up

windows 7: concern with svchost.exe

ISO help with burning dvds with windows 7

Icons embedded with Windows!

Associate two (default) programs with file

windows 7 sleep mode freeze.

Auto logout right away after boot and login

BSOD - Windows 7 x64 Professional

WinDBG Help on Server 2003

shell32.dll Error

windows 7 as a file server?

computer is slooooooow

Huge Problem - Cannot start up [RESOLVED]

VISTA download help.

Why does windows vista stall on shutdown/ bootup?

Crash on Win7 start

BSOD Stop error 0x0000000a

Which is better to upgrade to Win7 from - Vista or XP?

Nothing updates

Windows 7 x64 ATIKMPAG.SYS based BSOD's -Help

IExplorer.exe Throws Error in user32.dll File

Win 7 refuses to restart/reboot

Boot and sleep problems in Win 7

Windows 7 Continuously Rebooting after Logo Screen

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installation error

Ghosting Windows

Windows 7 Install failing after 100%

This isnt really a problem.anybody with Vista Home basic listen up

New Win 7 Install updates not working

Very slow start up speeds

msconfig missing or corrupt

Windows 7 Ultimate-Frequent Freezes [moved from Vista/7]

HElP! Startup Problems !

admin priviledge issue?

Check Disc just runs and runs

defragmenter doesnt open

Mapping Drives - password issue

ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error Windows 7

Windows 7 Freezes Bios Update

XP style toolbar is changing to classical style?

Windows 7 ICS problem.

The old 4gb /PAE thing.

Windows 7 no audio

Hibernation Issues.

Install XP on its own partition

Windows Validation Problem

Every program opens in notepad from word to system restore

How do you disable a locked computer?

Windows 7 freezes HELP!

Windows 7

Windows hangs after logon

unwanted shutdown!

Drivers in Device Manager

won't install update

Windows Vista Boot Error + Missing VIA SATA driver

Registry problems

windows boot problem

windows loader

GPU Drivers in Windows 7 (Ult)

Partition help for 64bit vista

Win7: winsxs is too big

cd rom freezing in windows 7.please help

Oh noes! Windows 7 is having boot problems!

0x80070002 when trying to update Microsoft Security Essentials

shrinking extended partition

System doesn't recognize floppy drive

System Recovery Disc

can we still buy Win7 PCs anywhere?

newegg winodws 7 OS

windows lock up at start up

Apps on XP running SMP?

clean mbr without cd?

Win Repair Disk

MAJOR BSoDs on my PC ;(

will not boot- MBR Error

userinit.exe - Application error on fresh install

Windows updates fail to install

Computer Rebooting problems :(

Home Premium vs Professional

Fresh Win 7 install is slooooowwwww.

Asking Help for booting problems

Freeze at "Windows is Starting Up" Screen

How do I disable the 'group by' folder view?

Boot option Problems

Upgrading from Home to XP Pro 64-Bit

Windows not booting OR reinstalling!

Win 7 upgrade

windows 7 keeps Freezing Randomly

Bizarre Windows 7 problem

Self installing win7 update

driver adaptor?

Command Prompt problem

Windows 7 and using Hebrew

Win Xp/annoying Startup Message

crqu.exe error

windows 7 and raid

can't install sp 1

PC hangs at shutting down

Shut down hang

First CPU Was @ 100%

Crazy errors

Need help speeding up start up

Winows loading freeze

Windows lagging

Manual Windows Update

Reinstalled windows and have some driver problems

Soo many Windows 7 problems

Installing Win 7 via Flash drive

Windows 7 - Not Booting up - Letter J

Using a retail CD for reinstall of an OEM system

Blue Screen/Memory dump help

Resolution trouble

BSOD after new windows 7 install

PC freezing when first loading Windows!

Pc running slow hangs aon shutdown

help getting error code when installing windows 7

Random hangs in windows 7


[BSOD] ntkrnlpa.exe errors on new Windows 7 install

Changing logon screen help

Vista64 problem

windows 7 networking issue

Windows log on is very slow

Windows Logon wallpaper

Win7 SP1 Won't Install on new machine

W7 64Bit Ultimate Firewall

Users not able to Log Off from Start Menu

slow start of window

Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing Problem !

Windows 7 OEM Unattended Intall

Win 7 display problem

windows folder-very big!

Windows 7 SP1 - WMP issues

Driver Problems after Clean Install of Windows

Is windows 7 really faster than vista by a lot?

Windows XP - System login but few second automaticaly logoff system

Windows 7 write issues

No windows disks for laptop

windows 7 welcome screen

Shutting down problem

chkdsc/r ?

Direct 3d acceleration not working ! Read !

Two "Windows XP Home Edition" Show When Starting Computer

No Welcome Screen or user log-on icons/pictures.

Security Problem with Folders

Windows 7 stuttering and slow downs

Windows Vista System 32/rundll32.exe cannot be found - cannot open control panel etc.

Free Cell Not working in Windows 7

Windows 7 Permission Issues/Locked out

Windows 7 64bit Blue Screens and reboots randomly

where is run on vista

Computer freezes at boot logo

Administrator account - cant access

AHCI mode not working after registry edit


Installing ie8 on windows 7

EXTREMELY slow windows installation

Help with xp and ie passwords. PLEASE HELP

Trojan opens a window after login which I can not close(Windows 7 home 64bit sp1)

Windows 7 will not play Vista Media Centre DVR-MS files

Downloader-AFH/defect08.exe/seven.exe malware ON win XP

Cant Install Internet explorer 8 on windows 7

Can't login -personalized settings/files disappeared?

Upgrade from Windows 7 HP to Pro

Windows update fails in Win 7

My computer is freezing win 7

Am I able to have XP & Vista together?!

How to use an USB installing window

Windows Loader Question

Slow computer & programs freeze - can someone check out my log please?

After updating to Windows 7-No internet connection + missing installed drive

Windows 7 Professional Stuck in Booting Loop

Downgraded from Vista

How to set up VPN connection on Windows 7 desktop

XP ScreenSaver doesnt work

Help! Can't download updates!

Windows 7 programs crash problem

HELP! Photo Dvd Hdd Probs

unable to Download flash and skype

Acer 5315 w/ windows 7 startup issues.

Windows 7 Disc Freeze During Setup

BSOD Stop oxoooooooa

Windows 7 Thumbdrive

XP Freezes before starting up.

Windows 7 Errors After Failed Update

Trying to Install Win8 on my Win7 laptop

What program can turn off services?

Windows 7 Freezes [not a bsod] while gaming

Windows 7 freezes on startup with a driver that has worked before

Emachines windows 7 wont boot

Computer freezes when shutting down

Got win 7 pro 64 installed NEED HELP

Windows 7 (USA version) on Dell desktop (Dutch Vista Home edi)

Windows 7 custom themes

Which Windows 7?

DVD drives will not write

Is my laptop compatible with windows 7?

bootloader xp vs. windows 7 does't show anymore

Virtual PC .vhd file won't mount

Windows update won't load

Corrupt ntfs.sys cannot be replaced

Cannot install any updates

laptop will not run activex controls

remove windows genuine advantage tool

System Randomly Freezing

choppy video and sound problem

NTVDM.exe Error

sfc & dism problems

Some desktop gadgets disappear/invisible

Is it possible to put SP1 onto a CD?

Complex Problem Originating from Windows Vista Startup Freeze

Problems with Dual Boot XP/WIN 7

How do I replace my windows boot files?

Black Lines on Login and with Aero Disabled

Problem with 3 DLL files of windows vista

Bootup Sound clitch !

Problem with windows updates

Windows 7 Home Premium BSODs

Windows Update on Win7 x64 won't launch

having problems upgrading from vista to windows 7 home premium or windows 7 ultimate

Windows 7 IE lockdown

Lost Profile?

Replacing win7 with XP?

Windows Activation Request

A few 39s and a 28 [error codes

Windows Update Won't DL Updates

Windows 7 is freezing

Problem with shutting down the computer!

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